Gypsonit finishing


Gypsonit is one the main products manufactured by Shen Holding, that has succeeded in occupying a leading position in the Armenian market in just a few years due to a number of advantages. Designed for interior and exterior works, gypsonit can be applied on natural stone (tuff), concrete, cement-sand, bricks, concrete blocks and drywall surfaces. Two types of gypsonit are manufactured by the company – for machine use and for manual use.
Shen Construction is the only company in Armenia which carries out gypsonit finishing works using a special machine imported from Germany. This allows completing the work several times faster. Some of the main advantages of gypsonit are as follows: it is very economical (gypsonit obtains stable consistency for a long period of time therefore does not generate waste), absorbs excess moisture from the air and creates comfortable microclimate in premises, which, in turn, reduces consumption of thermal energy; it is fireproof, odorless and does not cause allergic reactions.